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The 12 Jewels of ISLAM
(this is my Understanding of the 12 Jewels!)
1. Knowledge- The foundation on which Life is build upon. To look, listen, observe, and to respect. Also, represents Man.

2. Wisdom- The ability to apply Knowledge, when knowledge adds on to knowledge. Also represents Woman.

3. Understanding- The ability to do the knowledge, and apply it affectively to the point U understand how. Also represent Child .

4. Freedom- To be free or ignorance, prejudice, injustice, or the like. To have a free dome, or to free the dome. This is what Allah is trys to accomplish on the Planet Earth.

5. Justice- The just treatment, deserved award or punishment. Allah brings this to the Universe and is represented by Allah's Eternal Sword(Khalid Saifullah)

6. Equality- The condition or quality of being equal, ablity to judge on an equal level. This is how Allah treats everything around him.

7. Food- nourishment, what is needed to remain healthy and grow, either mentally or physically.

8. Clothing- What is used to cover and keep harmful elements away from the body and mind.

9. Shelter- A physical place where one is protected from the elements of the Earth. A place to seek knowledge from ignorance.

10. Love- The highest form of Understanding. Also the highest positive form of emotion from one to another.

11. Peace- The absence of chaos. A calm state of mind, and harmony between people. I 

12. Happiness-  A feeling one gets when all jewels are obtained.