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"We Are Not A Gang"

A National Statement by Dumar Wa'de Allah

A National Representative

Given at Brookdale College

Monmouth, New Jersey, 1998

Peace, I am Dumar Wa'de.  I am one of the National Representatives for the
Nation of Gods and Earths, also known as the Five Percenters.  I greet
everyone in Peace.  I use the term 'peace' because it is our only way of
life., and how we manifest our power - to be as one.  Before I start my
presentation, I want to let it be known to everyone, the world, that we
are not anti-white, nor pro-black.  In fact, we have white Five Percenters
in our Nation.  The topic is "We are not a gang."

You must understand who the Five Percenters are.  Some of you think you
know where we come from.  We teach that the Five Percenters, which we are,
are poor righteous teachers, who do not believe in the teachings of those
who teach that God is a person that cannot be seen, or a mystery person.
We teach freedom, justice and equality to all the human families on the
face of the planet earth.  We teach freedom, justice and equality to
everyone.  I want to be very clear.  We are not a religion.  We are not an
organization.  We are not a splinter group.  And the topic, "We are not a

We are a Nation of men and women striving for the development of our
people, and the human families development.  When we first started
teaching these teachings in 1964, in Harlem, New York, people had the same
misconceptions they do today.  "You are a gang."  Why?  Because this was a
group of young men, hardly coming into the knowledge of ourselves.  We
were cut-throats, we were thieves, drug-sellers, you name it, we were
that.  But, Our Father who we bear witness to as Allah, came and taught us
that crime does not pay.  That we could not live this way of life, if we
are going to be able to change ourselves, thus change the world.

When I speak of the world, I am speaking of the state of mind that people
are in.  Five Percenters today, are here to change the state of mind of
people who are blind, deaf and dumb.  Not physically blind, deaf and dumb,
only mentally.

From 1964 up until now, people said "you are a gang, you are a splinter
group."  Why?  Because we did not go according to the norm of what people
were talking about.  You have young men and women waking the street saying
there is no God in the sky.  "God is within me."  You have young men who
say that they are like unto Jesus.  They have come to raise the people
that are physically in a situation that makes them other than themselves,
and mentally they are dead.  As Jesus raised the dead, and made the blind,
deaf and dumb see, the Five Percenters mission is also to do the same
thing.  Yet, we realize that there are young people and old people who use
our name to do things contrary to the teachings.  Contrary to the truth,
so, you have individuals who do not know who the Five Percent are, or what
they are about and hear a person say, "Peace, I'm a Five Percenter."

It is only natural that you would be afraid of them, and assume that they
are a gang.  We cannot be a gang, because we are people who are civilized.

What is meant by civilized?  We are dedicated to teaching knowledge and
wisdom of the human families of the planet earth.  Every member of our
Nation has a responsibility - has a duty - to teach those who are
uncivilized; those who have no knowledge and wisdom of themselves, nor
understanding of their culture, or respect for government.  It is their
duty to show these people how they must be.  This is why we teach that we
are not anti-white, or anti-establishment.  We do not teach people to do
anything that is wrong.  We definitely do not teach people to slack - to
be a part of this.  There is no initiation to come into being a Five
Percenter.  The only initiation that one must have is the true dedication
to reforming one's self.  Because the people in government, the people in
institutions and the parents must realize the young people we take, their
ways and actions were destroyed before we got them.  They were telling
lies, they were stealing, they were robbing, they were running as a rat
pack before they came to us.  But, it is the knowledge of what we teach
that made it a fact, that they must leave these things alone.

The Five Percenters look like you and I.  Some Five Percenters are located
in the higher education system.  Some Five Percenters are teachers.  Some
Five Percenters are in the penal institutions.  All Five Percenters are
not young kids.

Meaning what?  I am 49 yeas old, I came into the knowledge of this Nation
- Five Percenters in 1966.  I was 17 years old.  I have 32 years of
participating in developing myself and developing the community.  I was
once a member of the community planning board of New York City.  I am a
graduate of the University of Massachusetts.  I went to college.  We do
advocate going to school.  All these myths people have, we cannot change,
but we can tell the truth.  So, in many ways, I am very happy to be here,
and I'm very glad that some of you all do have these negative myths about
the Five Percenters, because it give me the opportunity to make everything
right - to make everything straight.

Things I may say, you can either accept it or reject it.  But, the truth
stands for itself.  I take sides with the truth.  Black, Brown, Yellow or
White.  I take sides with the truth.  The truth does not lie.  The Five
Percenters are here to make a better situation for the young people that
exist.  Not only for the young people, but the face of the planet earth.
A gang is a people who have a leader.  A gang has a war complex.  A gang
has no direction of dealing with people in the civilized world.

We have an objective.  Our objective is to build a Nation as any other
Nation.  We are a Nation - within a Nation.   A complex situation because
people cannot understand how you can be a Nation within a Nation.  How
could you say you are a nation with these thieves running around.  Look at
them.  Baggy pants, they don't respect their mamas, they don't go to
school, they make babies, they don't take care of their babies.  They're
not talking about the Nation of the 5%ers.  They are talking about the
youth of the world.  In particularly, the youth in the ghettos of hell in
North America.  We did not put this situation into being. We are here to
change that situation.

In fact, and you can quote me on this, we are here to stop crime.  That's
right, the Nation of Gods and Earths are here to stop crime.

We know that the greatest crime that a person can commit is being blind,
deaf and dumb to ones self.  It is a fact that young people who have no
direction will follow anybody and anything.

Within the Nation of 5%ers, we cannot follow anything or anybody.  We must
go according to our birthright and that birthright is to be educated and
the greatest education that a man or woman can have is the knowledge of
self, because once you have the knowledge of self, you begin to respect
the other human families on the face of the planet earth.  No longer are
you anti-white.

We are not revolutionary people.  We are civilized people.  So, knowledge
of self make you realize the things that you lack.  Make you realize the
things that your ancestors or your forebearers did not have, we must have.

But at the same time, we know that crime does pay in America.  So,
therefore, if young men and women commit crimes because of the lack of
knowledge of self, they do not get paid.  Those that built the
institutions get paid because in this day and time, communities and
neighborhoods are bidding for penal, correctional institutions, only to
incarcerate those individuals, people who have no knowledge of self, and
accepted the conditions which they had been taught.

The so called Blackman, youth in America have been taught to do wrong.
They have not been taught to do the things which are right.  Because, why?
Because some of their parents are blind, deaf and dumb.  The institutions
that they go to are not set up to make them a better person, so, here we

A group of young people back in 1964 began to refuse and not accept all
things that were not right and stopped eating pork.  Because we know that
pork is not good for our system.  It is not a good dietary habit to have.
We stopped believing in a mystery God.  And, do not get me wrong, any
woman and man can accept the way of life that they so choose to accept.
But, we as the Nation of the Five Percent do not accept any religion.

Our way of life is Islam.  Not Islam as a religion, but the nature of our
very existence.  Meaning:


"But you accept Islam, Dumar, then you must be muslims."  No, we are not
muslims.  "But how can you accept Islam if you are not a muslim?"  Because
we come with the new science of our nature, which is Islam.  Islam is a way
of life and through Islam we have learned to respect all people of the
planet earth, but first and foremost, it teaches to respect ourself.  Any
man who respects himself, any man who understands that everything is
connected A to Z, Black, Brown, Yellow & White is connected, they cannot
be a gang.  Because to be in a gang, you must be in a sub-state condition.
All these things are man made.  Gangs are a man made thought.

Civilizing and building the people of the world is a natural phenomena
that everyone cannot do because the truth is fit for everyone, but
everyone is not fit for the truth.  Because some people do not want other
people to progress or grow or to develop.

it is our nature to develop all the young people on the face of the planet
earth, but we know we cannot get to all the young people on the face of
the planet earth, so we get to the ones we see.  And what do we see?  We
see young children crying in the wilderness of North America.  We see
young Children Crying in our Communities.   Why?  Because their parents
are incomplete.  Their parents are in a state of defection and
imperfection.  Babies making Babies.  These are not the teachings of the
5%ers.  This is a responsibility that the 5%ers had to take on.

In 1966 when I came into knowledge of myself, I went home and told my
mother that I am the original man.  I am the Asiatic Blackman.  I am the
maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth.  Father of civilization
and God of the Universe.  My mother told me I had to be out of my mind -
I'm crazy.  But I respected that and I walked out the house, because I had
to make a choice - do I accept this truth, or do I accept her conditions?
She meant well for me.  She fed me pork for 17 years, but it's not a
question of what she fed me, because the pork cannot kill me in that
particular instant in terms of spirituality, because it was sustaining me
to get a better knowledge of self and a better view of the world.

So, as I grew, I began to understand, because getting knowledge of self or
becoming a Five Percenter does not change you over night.  I'll be the
first to admit that there are many people who may call themselves 5%ers who
may be doing things that are out of the ordinary and are not right and
exact.  But we cannot monitor every individual.  Just as I come to America
as a foreigner, I cannot say that all Americans are bad.  All Americans
are substance abusers, alcohol abusers, they beat their wives, but if I
listen to the papers, I may assume that.

But with proper knowledge and understanding I begin to observe and to
acknowledge what America is based upon.  It is based upon class.  It is
based upon different types of things.  So, then you can begin to identify
- well, wait a minute.  All American are not bad.  So you cannot judge the
5%ers just because a person may pick up a piece of knowledge here and go
over here and start telling the people this incomplete.  It is only
natural that you may think the 5%ers are no good.

But this is why we are here to give you a broad perspective and
understanding that any time a person comes and tells you they are a 5%er
and they say their colors are this, you'll know that they are lying to you
because, again, the Five Percenters are not a Gang.

Listen to me, the 5%ers are not a gang.  We are a Nation of people that
are civilized.  Our duty is to teach those who are uncivilized the
knowledge and wisdom of themselves and the science of everything in life,
love, peace and happiness.  But to better understand what I am talking
about, is to understand this.  In the world, you have 3 classes of people.
You have the rich, you have the middle class and you have the poor.  The
5% have developed a science and language of their own to break things down
and draw things up from a mathematical stand point of view because we
realize that everything in life is based upon mathematics.  We are not
here to speak above the peoples heads, we are here to speak into their

That's why I feel very good to be at this educational institution to see
young people going to school because we advocate that a man must go and
get an education.  Talk is cheap, but an education is the greatest thing
in the world.  We do not want people who are lazy.  We do not want people
who have not skills, no trade.  We want people to be intelligent, because
the planet earth is our home.  The planet earth is my home, so how can I
develop my home if I am illiterate.  If I'm not prepared to build upon the
earth, the only thing you can do is destroy the earth.  If your not
prepared to build yourself, the only thing you can do is destroy yourself.
If your not prepared to build in your community, the only thing you can do
is destroy your community.  So, where did the term 5%er come from?  the
term 5%er comes from the scientific mathematical breakdown that we have
established by breaking down the human families.

We teach that 85% of the people are a slave of a mental death.  Not a
physical slave.  Let me be slow and let me be careful.  Is a slave of a
mental death and power, poison animal eaters, meaning they are partakers
of the pig flesh.  People who don't know of the true and living God, or of
their origin that exists in this world.  People who are easily led in the
wrong direction and very hard to be lead in the right direction.

These people who destroy within their own power.  Why do they destroy
within their own power?  Because they are in a state of being mentally
dead.  They are mentally and spiritually dead.  These are the people who
can be easily led in the wrong direction and form gangs as you see today
on the world scene.  Young people fighting, killing each other.  Slashing
one another.  Because this is a thought pattern that has been put in the
atmosphere.  What's all the fighting about?

This is how we distinguish ourselves by being a civilized people as
opposed to being a gang.  Because we are not destroying within our power.
This is 85% of the people.  And, whether you like it or not, this is true
tot he fact, 85% of our people, in particular the so-called American
Negro, are blind, deaf and dumb.  Everything he does, everything he says
is not based on his natural response or ability, but is based on what he
has been taught, what he has read and is a reactionary effect.

Then we teach that 10% of the people, whether you are black, brown, yellow
or white, in particularly, original people, whether you know that 10% of
the world population make decisions that effect 90% of the people, and
that 105 is called the all-white, male, exclusive club.  Whether it be
from political, economical, or the nature of their environment, 10% of the
population is all white men, not just Americans.  They are Americans,
Russians, caucasian white men that affect 85% of the people on the face of
the earth.  This 10% are the rich slave makers of the poor who teach the
poor lies to believe in something they cannot see.  But a person,
particularly a young person, believes in something they cannot see, they
are easily led in the wrong direction.

The problem we have today with our young people is that the adults who are
a victim of the 10% talk down at the young people.  They deal with
adultism.  They don't talk with young people.  They talk down at young
people.  They don't ask you what you want, they tell you what you must
have.  And this is a microcosm of the world.  So, we call them the 10%
because they have the knowledge.  These are people who study in secrecy,
like masonic lodges, or some of you may call it the new world order, or
the great illuminati.

See, everybody that is listening in this room and that reads about the 5%
they know we are not a gang.  They know that we are civilized people.
But they cannot come and tell the public because if they tell the public,
they are revealing the secret and what is the secret?  The secret is once
a man gets knowledge of self, he will become a real man that will control
his mental and physical aspect.  Therefore, he becomes civilized.  Once he
becomes civilized he will not do wrong.  Because any brother that says he
is a 5%er and he does wrong, then we say he cannot be amongst us.  If he
owes this government some time, he must leave us alone and go turn himself
in and do the time that he has to do.  We do not advocate lying, stealing
and cheating.  We do not advocate devilishment.  Because within the realm
of devilishment, your going to have a gang.  Because from a gang, your
going to have an organized group that want to do certain things under
cover of a gang.

So, let it be very clear that WE ARE NOT A GANG.  This is the topic, but
the issue is more so, greater than the topic.  The issue is who are the 5%
and where did they come from?

Now, we have 85%, we have 10% and we have 5% and we say that 5% of the
population have knowledge, wisdom and understanding and know the truth.
They do not accept the teachings of the 10%.  They are all wise and know
and teach that the true and living God is the Supreme Being, the Blackman
from Asia.  Yet, many people will say "How can you say that?"

Because history will show you that the original people of the planet earth
are the Fathers of Civilization.  I'm not making anything up.  There are
contributions from all the human families, but the root comes from the
Original Man.  That, we teach is the Blackman.  This is not a racist
statement, this is an intellectual statement.  A racist statement would
come if you had to argue from not doing research to understand the science
of civilization, the development of science, biology, mathematics and
chemistry.  What difference does it make?  Everything is inter-related in
it's basic form.  And our basic form now is going through the ghettos of
hell to raise the dead.  To raise these young men that will be a danger to
this society.

I am the first to admit that they are wild.  That they are savage.  They
have no heart, no sensitivity whatsoever.  But that is not our nature.
That is our pattern.  That is a condition, a man made condition that we
are here to break.  We are here to break the yoke.  We are here to raise
them from that mental death and pull them to a level of respectability, to
their birthright.  To be right.  To be able to walk with a white man, a
brown man or a yellow man, to realize that all things are one.  But to do
this, we must get to the chase.  We must get to what caused all these
things to happen.  What caused the people to be divided?  What caused the
people to be confused?  And history has shown, whether we like it or not,
that it is religion that cause people to be this way.  I'm not knocking
religion, I'm only telling you what all civilized people on a higher level
understand.  Because if you teach my young, my babies that are running the
street blind, deaf and dumb, that they will see a true and living god when
they die, and you known, when I say you, I mean those in power, know that
when a person dies he does not return from the grave, physically, because
it is mathematically impossible, because the body is broken down, or the
matter that is in you is decomposed and broken down to another level.  He
will not come back from the grave and walk again!

If you can teach that, then I can teach that the true essence of man, the
true essence of him is that God that is in him.  Because for every tac, I
got to get a tic.

If you can teach all these mysterious things and at the same time of
teaching these things you are teaching people to believe in something they
cannot see and yet they spend no time developing things which they can
see.  And, what's the first thing you see when you get up?  Yourself, if
you look in the mirror.  But your mirror has been cracked, has been
broken.  So, I come today with a dust rag and some windex that you can
spray on the window of life so you can see who you are.  Just not the
5%ers, the adults, the parents, the organizers, the guidance counselors,
so you can see who you are and when you can make a decision and acceptance
of something do not make it based on what you've been taught based on the
conditions of this community or this society, but based on the conditions
of what is right.  Humor - Due to the circumstances that now prevail in
our community, no longer do we, as 5%ers use Brillo.  We use steel wool.
Just like anybody who ever worked in a kitchen - a Brillo pad is not good
enough.  Too much crust, too much dust.  So you got to use the steel wool
and scrape a little harder.  So, we as 5%ers are using steel wool scraping
harder, we're trying to go to the bottom of the bit, and you be my
witness, you give me the waste people you have, as teenagers, the cut
throats, and the thugs, bring them to me, and I'll put my life on the
line.  If you bring me 10 out of that 10 I'll change 7.  Make him stand up
right.  If he's crooked, I'll make him straight.  Bring me all your bad
guy.  Bring them to me because I understand.  We all have something in
common.  We are all parents.  We all want the best for our children.  And
first and foremost, we want the best for ourselves.  But how can you get
the best for yourself when you don't take time to understand that your
state can effect another generation of people.

Isn't it strange since 1964 that my children, when I say my children, the
young, in our community have digressed.  People have died just to work
with another person.  Died through civil rights.  All these sacrifices
people have made, but yet, the young in 1998 are going backwards.  Why is
that?  Is it their nature to go backwards?  Is it his nature to kill this
man because he stepped on a pair of $100 dollar sneakers?

No.  It is a condition and that condition comes from adults, like myself,
not doing their job from the teachers, prosecutors, educators, clergymen,
not performing their task, only concerned with they physical wealth of
their being.  You cannot blame the youth, you must blame yourself.  If you
call the 5%ers a gang.  Then you must be a gang.  Because they are under
your authority.  They're under your rules and regulations.  They're under
your society.  It is not I who have made the law.  I am only here to
fulfill the law that has been prophesied.  That I came to save the
children that are crying int he wilderness.  And this is not a poetic,
religious matter.  This is a matter of life and death.  I can raise any
man that is blind, deaf and dumb if he wants to be saved.  Not raise him
physically, but raise him mentally.  And once I raise him, I'm not going
to send my hat around asking for a collection.  Because the dead have
never been known to return from the grave.  But some of our people have
been lost mentally and the 5%ers are here to teach the science of how to
raise the dead.  The 5%ers are her to advocate the glory call of

If you know anybody who says he is a 5%er and you are a teacher and he is
in your class and he says he is a 5%er and is disruptive, then all you
have to do is get in touch with us.  Because either he will leave us alone
or he will straighten up.  We are not about that.  We are about civilizing
the world.  That is a big task.  But the world is only a state of mind.
Young brothers say "But the world is coming to an end tomorrow, what
should we do?"  The world is not coming to an end, young man, that sate of
existence that you know as the world may come to an end.  Bad to bad comes
to an end, but good to good is now being born.  This is for everybody.

Just because because your white you should not have a premeditated thought
about me.  And just because your black and get knowledge of self, you
can't walk around saying "Oh, that's a white man, the white man is a
devil."  By nature and history every place he has been he has shown
devilishment.  He has raped, robbed and ravished.  Not Harry Lunchtable or
Joe Carry-my-work-pail, but the 10%.  Every place they've been on the face
of the planet they have raped, robbed and ravished.  So, therefore, the
people say this is a devil.  But at the same time, I must tell the world
that the worst devil is a black devil.  In New York, in my community, I
see black on black crime.  So called leaders say, how can you speak on
black on black crime, we must keep this hush hush.  That's not hush hush.
I don't see the caucasian man robbing my mother.  I don't see the
caucasian doing the things that cause confusion in my community.  I see
young black men doing it.  So the worst devil, is what, a black devil.
So, when you say that the 5%ers teach that the white man is a devil, you
must also say that at the same time, they teach that the worst devil is a
black devil who commits devilishment.

But, why do they commit devilishment?  Where does this thought come from?
People react according to thoughts.  I could take all the devilish people
on the face of the planet earth off the earth today, but tomorrow, I still
would have these same problems that exists in our community because they
still carry that thought pattern of doing devilishment which we call
telling lies, stealing and cheating, fight and killing one another.

That's not natural.  So the 5%ers are there to tell the truth and we know
that we are not going to teach everybody.  We don't force anybody  to be a
part of our way of life.  You can accept it or reject it.   And if you
reject it, we know we're going to get your babies.  This is 1998 and I
came to be a 5%er in 1966.  There were only a few of us in New York.  And
in every major city and country in the world, the parents didn't want to
accept it.  We didn't say anything.  We accepted it and we're here today.
Because money is not going to change the mind of these young youths.
Money doesn't change that.  You can put all the programs in existence and
it wont change anything.  What changes things is them having the knowledge
of self and being committed to the development of self to be a part of the
human families to do the things they should do and advocate love, peace
and happiness.  So, if you are a teacher, tell them that Dumar Wa'de, one
of the National Representatives says that if your a 5%er there is no
reason why you should be getting D's when we advocate a young man getting
A's.  There is no reason why should be cutting class and being
disrespectful.  If your a parent you tell your child you shouldn't
disrespect me because the 5% don't teach that.

So the 5%er cannot, have never been, will never be a gang.  We were not
born in that essence.  We were born in the essence to tell the truth.  To
help our people.  To volunteer our services in our community.  Networking
with other people of all walks of life from Christian to a Buddhist, it
doesn't make a difference to us, but at the same time, we have the
inalienable right to tell the world that we teach that the Blackman is the
true and living God of the Universe.  That there is not god within the
sky.  When you look in the sky, you see the sun, moon and stars and I will
challenge any man, any person and any thing to that, but I'm not here to
debate about that.  I'm only here to tell the truth that the 5%ers are not
a gang.  So, when they say they are the true and living God, the only
thing that they are saying is they are man because man is God.  But he
must learn how to be that.  Seems hard to understand, but he must lean how
to be that.

You tell my children, I'll see you when I die.  And the resurrection of
man must come from his mental ability.  His mental understanding of life.
But, I'm not here to speak on complex subjects as that.  I'm here to speak
on we are not a gang.  We are a collective body of people.  Civilized
people.  People who have knowledge and wisdom.  People who are here to
make life better for our Self.

Am I speaking too fast?  Because I am in a mode that I have no fear of
questions.  I speak, I speak, but I don't want to speak above the people's
heads.  I want to speak into their heads.  And I know there are a lot of
people in the audience who have some positive ideas or some negative ideas
and I want you to throw them at me while I can chew them up and spit them
out and we can walk out of here as one.  Because I am not afraid of you
and I don't want you to be afraid of me, you cannot be afraid of my
children.  You cannot be afraid of my young brothers and sisters.  And I
am telling my young brothers and sisters if you say you are a 5%er and if
you disrespect anything or anyone, then all you are doing is lying to
yourself.  And the worse thing is not me putting my foot in your ass, I
did not curse, because the worst curse in the world is being blind, deaf
and dumb, but we will leave you alone.

The best way to stop anything or master anything is to leave it alone.
And we're leaving all people, who are not doing the right thing, alone.
If you think you are a gang or try to make us a gang, you better leave us
alone, because your going to get hurt.  Because now your jeopardizing the
babies.  If you write about this, all I say is, tell the truth.  You can't
interpret everything, I know you must interpret from the prospective of
life, how you were grown up, how you were taught.  How you were educated
and assimilated.  Just because you go to school and get a degree does not
make you civilized.  Makes you a little better than average, but not
civilized.  If that's the case, then why is all this wrong?  I didn't
commit wrong.  I didn't commit corruption.  I don't bring about rape.  I
don't bring about the immoral state of mind that the world is in.  I was
thrown into it as a young man.  I just learned how to swim through all
these things because I learned to take on the life raft that was given to
me, and that life raft is studying the knowledge and wisdom of all the
human families of the planet earth.  And realizing my birthright and my
place in history, I refused to be written about.  I am going to do the
writing so I can tell the truth and shame the devil.

Don't get mad at me.  I'm not getting mad at you when you say I'm going to
see God when I die, and I know that your not going to see anybody when you
die because your physical composition will not be here.  Without a
physical body how will you determine what is what?

Now, I will get mad at you if you continue to teach that the 5%er's are a
gang.  If you continue to print things that are not right and exact.  How
do you throw rocks when you live in glass houses?  This is not 5%ers
ganging up on people.  We don't gang up on people.  Certain elements of
this society gang up on other people of the world.  They are gangs.  Using
physical force against people.  Not because they are a harm, but because
of the "national interest of the nation" and the "national interest of the
nation" has no meaning to you or I, but to those who are in the 10% based
on economical development and resources.  So, let's gang up on them, and
make them look bad because if the media says I am this and I am that and
you are blind, deaf and dumb and you can't comprehend then you'll say that
Dumar is a bad man because you are taught to believe everything you see
and read on t.v.  That's all you do is read the paper and look at t.v.
And most news on television is not news, it is gossip.  It is not actual
news.  That is why most people will say "I'm going to watch CNN" opposed
tot he local news.  You see more news of the world.  Prior to cable you
did not have CNN, so the only thing you knew of the world was what they
showed you.  So, now, I'm telling you that you must learn to look at
everything for what it is and once you can do that by looking inside
yourself, then you can look at me as Dumar Wa'de, as a member of the Five
Percent Nation and say wait a minute, hmmm, he's not that bad!!!


Dumar Wa'de Allah

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