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Righteous Attributes for Earths

                                               Arabia - the most precious one *
                                                 Be-Asia - Born to be Queen
                                                Lanasia - the most fruitful one
                                                Nihasia - the most talkative one
                                                Makeba - Mother of civilization
                                                 Nalasia - the most sweet one
                                               Shaquan - the most protected one
                                                Shakima - the most blessed one
                                                  Taquasia - the equal one *
                                                   Litisha - the pround one
                                                Ta-Quasia - the enlightened one
                                                    Tamu - the sweet one
                                                 Kisha - Theunderstanable one
                                            Sha-Asia - The most conceivable one *
                                                Shatike - The just and true one
                                                    Shaqueen - The Queen

                                                 Righteous Name {Example}

                                                    Divine Taquasia Earth
  Divine is the greatest of ones culture and if ones culture is not divine it can only destroy . Taquasia means the equal one . Earth is the
                                              rightful name of the Black woman.

                                                        Islamic Attire

 Clothing bears great significance: What you wear and how you wear your clothing bespeaks your mental attitude. Clothing is your badge
  of honor, a material demonstration of your cultural attitude and more often than not, it determines how other people view and respond
   to you. In our great lesson " The Hidden Meaning of Symbols", we are given wisdom to understand that not only do the clothes we
 wear or colors we wear determine the response that we may recieve, but that clothing and color of your garment actually create moods,
   emotions, feelings, i.e. If you dressed conservatively, then you may recieve a conservative response from others, and if you dressed
 loose, then people may respond to you in a very loose or lewd manner. Thus, in Islam, the woman is taught to be very conscientious of
  how she dresses and the colors of her garments. She is encouraged to wear clothing in a style that will reflect her cultural heritage and
 awareness, and at a LENGTH that will protect her from the lustful imagination of the UNCIVILIZED. The coloring or falsifying of the
              face with lip-stick, make-up and other cosmetic applications are absolutely prehibited in the cipher of Islam.

                                                         Earth Facts

                                      Note:These facts DO NOT deal with the 120 lessons.

                                                   - lbs. 6.6 sextillion tons.
                                     - Rotation- 23 hours, 56 min., 4.09 sec (Sidereal Day)..
                                 - Revolution- 365 days, 6 hours, 9 min, 9.54 sec (Sidereal Year).
       - Polar Diameter- 7,899.83 miles / Equatorial Diameter- 7,926.41 miles / Polar circumference 24,859.82 miles / Equatorial
                                               Circumference- 24,901.55 miles.
                         - Highest point- Mount Everest- 29,028 feet / Lowest Point- Dead Sea- 1,299 feet.
                   - Deepest part of the ocean- Challenger deep in pacific ocean southwest of Guam- 36,198 feet.
                             - Earth travels 595 million miles around the sun. At 66,600 miles an hour.
                                 - The Earth tilts about 23 ½ degrees from the straight up position.
             - The solar system and the Earth revolve around the center of the galaxy at a speed of 43,000 miles an hour.
                                  - The Earth is not perfectly round , it is flattened at the poles.
                                         - Air extends about 1,000 miles above surface.
                        - Element percentage in the Atmosphere : Nitrogen 78% / Oxygen 21% / Others 1%
                                                 - Water is 70% of the Earth
                                                  - Land is 30% of the Earth.
                            - Highest temperature- 136 F (58 C / 331K) : Location Al' Aziziyah, Lybia.
                         - Lowest Temperature- -126.9 F (-88.3 C / 185.3K): Location Vostok, Antarctica.
                                                      - 5 mile thick crust
                                   - Mantle 1,800 miles ( up part 1,600 F / down part 4,000 F)
                                 - Outer core 1,400 miles ( up part 4,000 F / down part 9,000 F)
                               - Inner Core 800 miles ( Temperature high as or higher than 9,000 F)
                                                 - Gravitational Pull 9.8 m/s2
                                  - The speed of the Earth's rotation on its axis is 1,037 1/3 mph
                                               - Sq Mileage of Land 52,755,000
                                              - Sq Mileage of Water 139,685,000

  Truth is relative, that is to say that there are many degrees of truth made manifest? There is Actual Truth and there is Symbolic Truth.
  When we refer to the Blackwoman in Islam as the Earth, this is the symbolic language of truth sigifying that as the Planet Earth, she is
 ever dutiful to her responsibilities as a protective, nourishing and vibrant reflector of life {Islam}. This term or attribute is not one which
   is unpurposefully bestowed upon ANY woman, but it is one which is earned by the blackwoman through study, dedication and for
                   performance. The Moon is a dead planet {female} because she lacks the water of life {Islam}.