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The Asiatic Calendar is the tool that the Nation of Gods and Earths utilizes to measure the passage of time. It is based on a 25,000 year cycle, each cycle is called a Quran (we presently are in the 24th Quran)this science is dealt with in the knowledge degree of Allah Free Cipher (1-40), which essentially states that the Planet Earth is the home of Islam and is 24,896 miles in circumference, approximately 25,000 miles, so the wise man of the East (Blackman) has made his history or Quran to Equal his home circumference, a year to every mile. Thus every time his history lasts for 25,000 years, he renews it for another 25,000 years. I have taken the liberty of expanding the base Asiatic Calendar and have included more dates and events that I feel are instrumental in formulating not only and understanding of the magnificence of the Original People borning universal truth, of the diabolic and insidious character of the devil. It is imperitive that members of our nation familiarize themselves with this calendar, for there are degrees within 120 that you must refer to this calendar in order to show and prove them (ex. justice degree in the 1-10).




5,020 A.C. 33,033 B.C. Buddha leaves Mecca to spread Buddhism

23,020 A.C. 15,033 B.C. Indians leave Mecca to follow Buddha

24,020 A.C. 14,033 B.C. Indians exiled from india for worshipping idols

24th Quran

1 A.C. 13,052 B.C. Beginning of present 25,000 year cycle (Year One)

8,000 A.C. 5,053 B.C. Birth of Abraham, originally named Abram(Gen 11:26 name changed to Abraham Gen 17:5)who became father of many nations

8,100 A.C. 4,953 B.C. Destruction of Sodom and Gommorah(Gen 19:1-28)

8,175 A.C. 4,777 B.C. Abraham returns to the essence at age 175 (Gen 25:7)

8,367 A.C. 4,686 B.C. Physical birth of Yacub (Jacob in the bible Gen 25:26)

8,371 A.C. 4,682 B.C. Yacub started school at age four studying Genetics

8,389 A.C. 4,664 B.C. Yacub completed all schools and Universities at age 18

8,400 A.C. 4,653 B.C. Yacub at age 33(6) discovers the science of Magnetic attraction, also left Mecca with 59,999 followers all exiles to Patmos and began the process of grafting the devil

8,517 A.C. 4,536 B.C. Yacub returns to the essence at age 150 (Gen 49:33)

8,600 A.C. 4,453 B.C. The brown gene is separated from the black gene

8,800 A.C. 4,253 B.C. The yellow gene is separtated from the brown gene

9,000 A.C. 4,053 B.C. The devil physically and mentally complete leaves Patmos for Mecca where they stay six months causing trouble amongst the righteous people

9,001 A.C. 4,052 B.C. The original people run the devil from the root of civilization into the caves of West Asia

10,303 A.C. 2,750 B.C. Completion of Step Pyramid in Kemit(Egypt) designed by Imhotep for Zoser at Saggarah

10,920 A.C. 2,133 B.C. Birth of Prophet Musa (Moses in the Bible Ex 2:2-10) who lived in the wilderness for 40 years

10,960 A.C. 2,093 B.C. Musa spends 40 years amongst the wise scientists of Mecca gaining knowledge and wisdom necessary to civilize the devil

10,994 A.C. 2,059 B.C. Birth of Nimrod, known as a mighty hunter (Gen 10:8)

11,000 A.C. 2,053 B.C. Musa leaves Mecca to civilize the devil

11,040 A.C. 2,013 B.C. Musa returns to the essence at age 120 (Deut 34:7)

11,278 A.C. 2,575 B.C. Competion after 22 years of labor of Great Pyramid at Gizah in Egypt by Khufu (Cheops in greek)

12,490 A.C. 563 B.C. Birth of Siddhartha Guatama, most widely recognized of the Buddahs (enlightened ones)

12,570 A.C. 483 B.C. Siddhartha Guatama returns to the essence at age 80

12,789 A.C. 264 B.C. Beginning of 1st Punic War between Rome and Carthage (Original People NW AFrica) led by Hamilcar Barca for control of Sicily

12,798 A.C. 256 B.C. Hamilcar Barca wins victory in Sicily

12,819 A.C. 247 B.C. Birth of Hannibal son of Hamilcar Barca in Carthage

12,816 A.C. 238 B.C. Romans seize Sardina and Corsica from Carthage

12,834 A.C. 219 B.C. Hannibal deliberately provokes Rome by capturing Saguntum in Spain

12,835 A.C. 218 B.C. Beginning of Second Punic War, Hannibal crosses the Swiss Alps with Elephants

12,837 A.C. 216 B.C. Hannibal defeats Roman army in Italy at Battle of Cannea

12,852 A.C. 201 B.C. End of Second Punic War

12,871 A.C. 182 B.C. Hannibal returns to the essence at age 65

12,907 A.C. 146 B.C. Carthage is destroyed and Rome seize all African territory

13,016 A.C. 37 B.C. Beginning of the Reign of King Herod

13,053 A.C. ? B.C. Birth of Prophet Jesus in Bethlehem (Matt 1:25) Father Joseph takes him and flees to Egypt to escape wrath of Herod (Matt 2:13, Luke 2:7)

13,055 A.C. Death of Herod (Matt 2:19), Joseph brings Jesus to Nazareth (Matt 2:23)\

13,065 A.C Jesus amazes doctors, Rabbis and Teachers in Jerusalem temple with question and answers at age 12 (Luke 2:46)

13,083 A.C Jesus baptized by John the Baptist at age 30 (Matt 3:16, Luke 3:21-23)

13,086 A.C. 1 A.D. Jesus supposedly crucified by Roman And Jews for revealing the truth (Matt 27:35-50, Mark 15:24-37, Luke 23:33-46, John 19:18-30) The Holy Quran disputes this, saying Jesus(Isa) was NEVER crucified.

13,396 A.C. 312 A.D. Beginning of the reign of Emporer Constitine the Great

13,397 A.C. 312 A.D. Constintine issues the Edict of Nantes and Edict of Milan forbidding all forms of persecution toward ANY monotheistic religion

13,422 A.C. 325 A.D. Council of Nicea( now Izniz, Turkey), chaired by Constintine, declare Jesus a diety.

13,537 A.C. 451 A.D. The Coptic Church is formed in Egypt

13,656 A.C 570 A.D. The birth of the Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah

13,708 A.C. 622 A.D. Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina (Hijjra), also begins the muslim calendar, the year of the elephant.

13,718 A.C. 632 A.D. Prophet Muhammad returns to the essence at 62 1/2

14,221 A.C.1135 A.D. The birth of Lord Saladhin Yusef (Protector of the faith)

14,260 A.C.1174 A.D. Lord Saladhin becomes Sultan of Egypt.

14,270 A.C.1184 A.D. Lord Saladhin takes Jerusalem form the devil

14,276 A.C.1190 A.D. Lord Saladhin returns to the essence at the age of 55, he fought in the 4th crusade.

14,469 A.C.1383 A.D. Christianity becomes a major religion with John Wycliff's translation from Papal latin into english of the Holy Bible.

14,564 A.C.1478 A.D. Beginning of the Spanish Inquisition founded by Ferdinand and Isabella.

14,578 A.C.1492 A.D. Columbus was said to have discovered America.

14,606 A.C.1520 A.D. John Hawkin studied the science, custom and history of the original people to gain acceptance from them for 20 1/2 years.

14,641 A.C.1555 A.D. The tribe of Shabazz was invaded by John Hawkins, taken to Amerikkka to be used as slaves.

14,705 A.C.1619 A.D. Original people stripped of all knowledge of self and held captive in Jamestown, Virginia.

14,803 A.C.1717 A.D. June 24th, first Grand Lodge of Masonry was formed in London, England

14,816 A.C.1730 A.D. 1st Masonic Lodge formed in the U.S. in Philadelphia.

14,856 A.C.1770 A.D. Boston Massacre, prelude to the revolutionary war, Crispus Attucks an original man is the first to die.

14,862 A.C.1776 A.D. Adam Weishaupt, professor of Canon Law, founds the Illuminati, with the aim of combatting religion and fostering rationalism.

14,877 A.C.1791 A.D. Beginning of the Hatian Revolution

14,889 A.C.1803 A.D. Haiti becomes the first recognized state by and for Original people in the Western Hemisphere.

14,917 A.C.1831 A.D. Brother Nat Turner leads slave revolt.

14,945 A.C.1859 A.D. John Brown, a Caucasian Abolitionist, seizes arsenal in Harper's Ferry, Va

14,949 A.C.1863 A.D. The Emancipation Proclamaition is adopted, meaning the end of PHYSICAL slavery.

14,960 A.C.1874 A.D. Maulani Muhammad Ali translated the Holy Qur'an, also the year Alphonso Muhammad was suppose to come to North Amerikkka to free the Blackman from mental slavery, but was unable to because of his very dark skin.

14,963 A.C.1877 A.D. The birth of Wallace Delaney Fard Muhammad, the son of Alphonso Muhammad.

14,972 A.C.1886 A.D. The birth of the Noble Drew Ali, the first in the Wilderness of North America to say that Islam is the Blackman's culture.

14,973 A.C.1887 A.D. The birth of Marcus Garvey

14,983 A.C.1897 A.D. The birth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

15,000 A.C.1914 A.D. The given expiration of the devil's civilization, but due to 1/3 of Original people not having the knowledge of themselves, a grace period was given. This year was also the birth of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

15,011 A.C.1925 A.D. The birth of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X).

15,015 A.C.1928 A.D. The birth of Father Allah as Clarence Smith. Also the year the Noble Drew Ali returned to the essence.

15,016 A.C.1930 A.D. W.F. Muhammad comes to Detroit Ghetto to teach Islam.