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The Universal Flag of Islam
Universal Flag of ISLAM
This is the Universal Flag of Islam.  It is our most precious and greatest flag. Let me explain my interpretation of it.
First, there is the star, it represents Knowledge, which is infinite and original, thus being black. Black is the
origin of everything. Also it represents Man (Allah) and his five points (72' between each), Arm Leg Leg Arm (Supreme) Head.
It also represents Child.
Next you have the Moon, it represents Wisdom, the manifestation of Knowledge. It also represents Woman,
who reflects the Knowledge of Man just like the Moon reflects the Light of the Sun. It has two points and is yellow
showing how it glows from the Light (knowledge) of the Sun (Allah).
Next there is the Earth, now this is the Star and Moon together. If you look carefully, it is a complete Cipher. This
represents a righteous Woman with the ability to born life. Also represent Wisdom.
Next is the 7, which represents God, Man, Allah. It has seven points, and is dominate over all. Thus it is Black.
Next there is the Sun, it is the outer black circle. It is black because anything that burns for that long and that
hot has to be black.
There is white in the center to show how the Light (Allah's truth) raises above the lies that cloud our minds.
Now we have the Eight Points on the flag. This isn't the Sun which many mistake to be. This represents the eight
stages in life, the Eight lessons of the 120' and the direction Light (Knowledge) travels There are 90' between every Large
angle (4*90=360). The are also 90' between each 45' angle (4*90=360). Between each point is 45' (8*45=360). There
are two colors in the eight points, Black and Yellow. The Black represents the Original Man, the Asiatic Blackman in
the Wilderness of North America and the Yellow represent the Light (Truth or knowledge) shining from the East.
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